Puls Startup: Your Household appliance fix is one finger tip away

What will you do if your electronic devices has problem? You go to market, find experts and give them to fix it. Not anymore. You don’t have to travel to get the service now; you can get the service in your home itself. Puls startup will provide easy fix solution for home appliance in few click.

 Eyal Ronen and Itai Hirsch, Founders puls
Eyal Ronen and Itai Hirsch, Founders Puls


When was Puls Startup Founded?

Puls Technologies, a software based startup was founded by Eyal Ronen and Itai Hirsch in 2015. The startup was initially named CellsSavers. It focused on repairing mobile phones and tablets. In 2017 the  startup changed its name from CellsSavers to Puls, offering border solution.

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How does Puls Startup Work?

Puls provide in-home services like demonstrations, installation, setup, integration, support, and repairs of all household appliances. In order to use the Puls service, the user has to book an appointment, and a technician visits the user’s location within an hour to try and fix it.

Puls startup success

The motive behind starting Puls was to provide consumer a new service model. As per Puls co-founder and CEO Eyal Ronen, “Consumer’s day to day life depends on the electronic devices so no one should have to drive across town and stand in line to speak to an expert, or wait hours at home for a local repair van to show up. The company is fixing the entire service industry to be seamless, rapid, and reliable.”

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Puls Startup Funding

The Software-as-service company Puls provides its customers broad array of IT help with the touch of the bottom. Puls has recently raised $50 million in funding, bringing’s the startup total investment dollars to $100 million. The plan of the company in future is to be a one stop source for all service technicians — even including service professionals in things like HVAC and plumbing.



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